Outdoor Lights

It's time to transform your garden into a magical wonderland. Let the Outdoor Moon Light ward off negative spiritual energy and protect your home.

Unlike conventional lights. the Outdoor Moon Light is solar powered. Honour mother nature and she will nurture you.

Crystal Tree

Our fluid Relaxing Lullaby Crystal Tree is like an endless, warm ocean for your soul and its leaves are soothing like ocean waves. This water-like crystal washes away stress and fear, leaving room for peace and tranquility in their absence. Anytime you need it, touch these delicate Aquamarine leaves as a reminder to open your heart instead of letting hotheaded emotions take the lead.

Most Popular

The Curtain Lights are beautiful string lights that transform any space instantly. Match your mood with 8 relaxing modes to choose from. They are remote-controlled with adjustable brightness, allowing you to create your own ambiance. 

Maple Lamp

Infuse a warm and welcoming aura into your interior and transform your boring space into a ‘wow’ instantly! Crafted beautifully in the shape of a bonsai tree, the lamp features gorgeous rose-shaped LED lights,imparting your living room and bedroom with a romantic hue.