Can you still buy 3D laser show projectors?

We’re living in the world of 3D—literally. But it’s safe to say that it’s become a big part of our life. In fact, it has completely revolutionized some things like the movie industry, especially since Avatar was released in 2009. And it hasn’t stopped there. Things have only been improving as more and more 3D movies with laser animation are hitting the box office and people are spending big money to go see them.

That’s not all, though. 3D laser projectors are being used in several different areas apart from movies. You’ll even find plenty of industries that are placing orders and paying a huge down payment fee to get the latest version. Trust us, there are plenty of benefits of investing in a 3D laser projector. However, before we jump onto them. Let’s take a look at what a 3D projector actually is.

What is a 3D projector?

As the name suggests, a 3D projector is used to display three-dimensional figures or data onto a two-dimension screen. The screen is usually a wall or a plain surface. Although it seems to work the same way as a traditional project, it’s different. With a traditional project, you can’t really have laser light show projectors, laser animation or anything of the sort. You can just view the content on the screen like you view things like Netflix or YouTube.

However, with a 3D laser projector, you can feel the depth of the content. It’s like being in the movie or being a part of the content. Your audience is more likely to be in tune with whatever’s happening and they experience stimulation on some level as well—all in real time.

To watch the laser animation on screen, two images are projected on to the screen at the same time. This allows the projector to create a level of depth that can stimulate your senses. But you can’t just view the laser light show projector just by sitting there and watching the content. You have to wear 3D glasses that can filter out the polarity and allow you to see both images with your eyes.

Why You Should Invest in One?

Now that you have some idea of what a 3D laser projector is, here are some reasons why you might want to invest in one. Trust me, it’s sure to make your life easier and a lot less hassle-free.

Better Performance

It’s no secret that 3D laser projector perform so much better than the traditional ones. They have intelligent settings that you can use to fix the brightness of the screen, add a splash of color and tweak with some other settings to stream or show your content better. The best part about the 3D projector is that it’s suitable for all environment—entertainment, classrooms, conference meetings and more. It’s up to you decide how to manage the settings so that you can make the most of it.

It Lasts Longer

When you’re working with a 3D laser projector, you don’t have to worry about changing the projector too often. In fact, you can watch laser animation for hours on end without doing any damage to the projector. Typically, a 3D laser light projector works for up to 20,000 hours. That means it can last for 10 years without any damage. However, with a traditional projector, you can expect to change the lights frequently if you want to ensure it lasts a longer time.

Bright Pictures

Whether you want professional laser lights or just want to do some laser animation, the 3D laser projector is your go-to investment. The lights blend together to give a bright and high contrast that’s sure to display stability and color accuracy like no other projector. Moreover, unlike lamp projectors where the lamp source begins to fade with time and doesn’t give you the sharp, bright image that you might require, with a 3D projector, you are likely to enjoy sharp, bright images. Your show or presentation will appear brighter and clearer to your audience.

Reduces Maintenance

Unlike a lamp projector where you are constantly expected to clean and maintain the appearance to ensure it lasts a long time, you don’t have to do the same with a 3D light projector. This keeps the cost of running the equipment very low. Moreover, with a lamp projector, you have to call in a team and have them set, which only adds to the costs and makes it more difficult.

Requires Less Energy

3D laser projects don’t require a lot of energy to work. In fact, they can function with minimal energy and give you better and brighter results. On the other hand, traditional or lamp based projectors have to work at creating better focus. They have a lazy, scattered, blurred circle of light and to get a sharper image, you have to get more energy, a feat which can compromise your power system.

No Waiting

Gone are the days when you were expected to wait and tweak some settings if you wanted a clearer image. With a 3D laser projector, you can easily begin your laser animation by turning the light source on and off instantly. This means that there is no time wasted. Your team won’t even have to come in early to set up the projectors as is required by other projectors.

No Cooling Off Period Required

Another advantage of investing in a 3D laser projector is that you don’t have to worry about the cooling off period. Typically in traditional projectors or lamp projectors, you can’t just use the projector for long time. And even if you do, you have to shut it down for a couple of hours at the very least to allow it to cool down and work better. With a 3D laser projector, you don’t have to deal with this problem at all. In fact, you can have laser animation, professional laser lights and more on hours at end without worrying about burning the projector. This, in turn means that you can hold events that last a long time and ensure that everyone can get the most out of the show by displaying the lights accordingly.

No Mercury

A 3D laser light is definitely a lot safer than any other kind of projector. You don’t have to worry about the mercury going off or heating up or exploding. But that’s not the case with traditional projectors. You have to worry about the mercury inside the projector and see how it would impact your event. In this case, you probably can’t use it to project laser animation and all because the mercury might explode—leading to a more dangerous environment.

Better Productivity

If you’re planning to use a 3D laser projector for a more professional setting such as a meeting, it will definitely work to your advantage. In meetings, technical issues can create several problems that take time and money to fix. In the process, it can also hamper your productivity. To get around the problem, you can invest in a reliable projector and ensure that your business remains productive and there is no additional time wasted on anything else.

Environmentally Friendly

Thanks to global warming and increased pollution, we all have to play a part in limiting emission or risk inheriting a world where it’s impossible to survive. A 3D laser projector helps with the environment and ensures that it’s not compromised in the process. Moreover, you will also have a lower electricity bill to pay, which can only add to your advantage.

Better Connectivity Options

Traditional projectors don’t typically come with a wide range of connectivity options. In fact, they’re very limited. However, a 3D laser projector has USB ports, Dual HDMI ports that can work well with plenty of laptops and tablets—giving you the ease to work with whichever equipment you want to.

About Our 3D Laser Projector

Of course, you have a variety of options when it comes to choosing a 3D light projector. However, not all of them work the same way. While some are more suited for conference meetings, others work better in the entertainment industry. If you’re in the entertainment industry and want to project professional laser lights, or want to show of some laser animation, you might want to consider getting one that specializes in it.

With our 3D light projector, you can expect to get a 30-day money back guarantee and a 9-day warranty from when you bought the projector. The best part about this projector is that you can use high-quality DJ laser light shows that work well in a wide variety of environments—public square, skating rink, bars, family gatherings, ice rinks and just about anywhere. You can totally light up the area with these 3D figures that are made from bright laser lights. It looks absolutely breath taking!

And you know what’s absolutely unique about the projectors? They can work in intelligent or voice-activated mode, which isn’t usually possible when you’re working with portable stage lights. With this feature, you can work by pressing the two modes of the buttons and alternating between them to get a clearer picture.

Moreover, with this laser light show projector, you can easily get to project some of the most fantastic patterns. If done right, it can give a magical look to your dance event, or whichever event you want. The laser lights are in no way dangerous to anyone, which is why it can make a great addition to any event. You won’t have to worry about the professional laser lights getting in the way and wreaking havoc or endangering your guests or family members. The lights have been certified by CE, ROHS, and FCC and sure to liven up your event in any way you want.

You can easily buy this projector for yourself and feel free to return it if you feel it’s not up to mark. In fact, if you’re disappointed with the way it’s working, you can easily reach out to us and we’ll fix the problem for you without you having to incur any kind of loss.

A laser light show projector is your best option for when you’re holding laser animations or simply want to lighten things up without having to worry about endangering anyone. Our projector is a hit among DJs and people who are into dancing, fun and want some entertainment in their lives. You can even use it for your bar, or ice-rink if you want to add a bit of color. The best part is that since it doesn’t get hot and produces high-quality images, you can be sure that your event will be a success in just about every way. Order one today with a full guarantee of money back if you don’t like it.

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