What causes blood moon and what does a moon necklace mean?

Blood Moon Meaning and The History of Protection Moon Necklace Jewelry

For many ages, it has been speculated that a blood moon is a horrific sign of a bad omen. Many civilizations around the world have attributed negative meanings to the blood moon and crafted protection necklace jewelry and other ornaments to keep themselves safe from the blood moon’s spell. 

Legendary stories about the blood moon have been told in Chinese, Japanese, and various other civilizations. This blog will discuss the mystic history of the protection moon necklace jewelry and how to save yourself from the blood moon by wearing a Moon Necklace.

What is a Blood Moon? An Overview!

Blood Moons are sometimes called total eclipses of the Moon because the Moon turns red when completely engulfed in the shadow of the Earth. However, Blood Moon is not a technically established term in astronomy. It sounds so dramatic that it makes for a more popular phrase. This is simply another way of saying a total lunar eclipse.

As a result of an eclipse, the full moon is temporarily darkened when it moves into the shadow of the Earth cast by the sun. Although the moon still receives some sunlight, it is refracted by the Earth's atmosphere, which illuminates it with a reddish hue based on atmospheric conditions.

History of Blood Moon Incidents

Blood man has been referenced by historians a lot. The Lunar eclipse or blood man has been used as a symbol of fear, terror, the wrath of Gods, or an alarm of an upcoming calamity. As soon as people discovered the right reasons behind this event, they started manipulating the facts until the era of the Renaissance. One such incident of manipulative use of the lunar eclipse/ blood moon by Columbus has been mentioned here.

Blood Moon & China

A total lunar eclipse was recorded for the first time in China. An eclipse of the moon was thought to have occurred in 1059 BC, during the reign of the last king of the Shang Dynasty.

Blood Moon & Athenian Army

The Athenian army suffered a catastrophe on Aug. 27, 413 BC, when a lunar eclipse took place during the 91st Olympiad, according to the ancient Greek calendar. They were fighting a Syracusan army in Sicily and failing miserably. In the aftermath of the outbreak of illness, Niclas, the commander, ordered the Athenians to leave the island.

The Incan Empire & Blood Moon

From the middle of the 15th century A.D. until the Spanish conquered it in 1530, the Incan Empire ruled much of South America. Their Moon goddess was called Mama Quilla and was thought to cry silver tears. The lunar eclipse was believed to be caused by a serpent or animal attacking Mama Quilla. Making as much noise as possible was one of their customs to scare away eclipses or Blood Moon.

An animal that resembles this is usually a large cat (in mythology, a jaguar)—the blood-red color results from the cat's attack on the moon. The Incan warriors, however, eventually succeed in scaring away the predator by making noise-plus thrilling their dogs so that they bark and howl.

Columbus’s Manipulative Use of Blood Moon Event


Columbus was forced to land on the Caribbean island now known as Jamaica in 1503 after two of his four ships were destroyed by a shipworm epidemic. In the six months following the invasion of the island, a small group of Arawak tribes fed the uninvited guests. As time went on, they eventually grew frustrated and stopped wanting to give up their cassava and fish. A mutiny by the Spanish sailors led to the murder of the Arawaks and the theft of food.

Columbus needed to take action. He told the Arawak chief three days before a lunar eclipse, on Feb. 29, that his Christian god was angry because the locals no longer were generous. The moon would turn red with fury within three days and disappear from the sky, showing his god's displeasure.

It was true that a few days after that, the moon disappeared and seemed to bleed. Aware of their plight, the Arawaks ran up to the Spanish ships laden with provisions and pleaded with Columbus to intervene on their behalf.

During the wait for the moon to emerge from the shadow of Earth, the Spaniard pretended to give serious consideration to the requests. In the end, Columbus claimed he had negotiated peace based on the Arawaks to continue feeding the Spanish.

Long before the people started to predict the scientific causes behind the happening of Blood Moon or lunar eclipse, people used to protect themselves from the negative impacts of Blood Moon by wearing the protection Jewelry. 

According to astrologists, protection jewelry is still considered a strong ornament against the mysterious and negative spells of a black moon. Let’s find out more about the Protection Necklace jewelry and its magnificent history.

What is Protection Moon Necklace Jewelry?

It has been traditionally and historically believed that wearing protection moon necklace jewelry served as a means of protection. Jewelry was used to protect the body and spirit as early as the stone age. Originally, jewelry items such as these were meant to serve as talismans for protection against illness, disease, and evil spirits.

In ancient times, gifts from the Earth were often given to people preparing to embark on long journeys or to pregnant women or children who were ill. Jewelry and materials from the Earth are believed to possess protective properties and have healing powers beyond the reach of human knowledge.

There are cultures, religions, and family traditions that still require jewelry giving as a symbol of protection for ceremonial purposes or the health and well-being of family members.

History of Protection Moon Jewelry

In protection jewelry, the moon symbols have been used since the second millennium B.C., making them the oldest symbols known to mankind. The first civilizations around the Mediterranean Sea, Central Asia, and Persia were the first to use crescent moons and stars in the jewelry.

A southern Mesopotamian myth attributed the stars and crescents to the gods and goddesses: the star, or Ishtar in Akkadian, symbolized love, war, and fertility in Sumeria. Crescents symbolized the moon god.

During the Greco-Roman period, Byzantine coins had crescents and stars on their reverse sides. In later centuries, Emperor Constantine dedicated the city of Constantinople to Mary by using the star and crescent symbols on these coins. It was also common during the Roman Empire to find different forms of crescents and stars on coins.

During the Ottoman Empire, these motifs also represented the moon god and the sun god. Consequently, they were associated with the Islamic religion, and they continue to appear on the Islamic flag today. Symbolizing the sun is also ancient. Helios, a Greek god of the sun, was believed to be the god of the ancient Greeks. His sister, Selene, represented the moon in Greek mythology. All these symbols have been used by the people to seek protection from evils.

Types of Protection Jewelry

Jewelry used for protection comes in different types.  You can use this list of options to determine which one is best suited to your needs.  While many of the mainstream options are represented in the categories we have selected, if you do some research, you can find many other types of protection jewelry. 

There are numerous protection jewelry products for sale that can be used to cover a variety of various protective grounds. If you know what kind of protection you need, you may often discover the perfect piece of protection jewelry that appears to have been fashioned specifically for you.

1. Jewelry for Evil Eye Protection

A necklace or a ring is often the best choice for wearing evil eye protection jewelry, but it can also be incorporated into a bracelet. Talismans often depict only the evil eye, but some incorporate it with a hand-shaped talisman formed in the shape of the Hamsa sign for a double dose of protection. This is among the best-known types of protection jewelry, believed to shield its wearer against danger and warfare.

2. Protective Hand of Hamsa

Besides being a high-quality protection pendant, this is also a great example of the Hamsa hand with the evil eye embedded in the hand. The protection talisman that was originally the evil eye has been simplified in modern times. The symbol may not meet the needs of everyone seeking protection jewelry, as it has its own deeper spiritual meaning, some related to religion.

3. Jewelry for Spiritual Protection

Often, spiritual protection jewelry is made specifically to meet the unique energy requirements of the person wearing it. Wearers of the protection jewelry are protected from spiritual energy intrusion from other people and even from the outside world.

The majority of spiritual protection jewelry is made with gems and semiprecious stones to protect the wearer from harm. Sometimes, jewelry items are made from wood or other natural elements that are thought to have protective qualities or to have healing and well-being energies.

4. Jewelry for Energy Protection

There are times when protection jewelry is made solely to protect the wearer. Jewelry made in this way is usually made to protect and treat the wearer's aura, chakras, and energy. 

Typically, these jewelry items are crafted with gemstones, metals, or even semiprecious gemstones. In addition to being extremely beautiful, they offer a wide range of health and wellness benefits. Protective jewelry ornaments are handcrafted to repel negative energy for a person wearing them to avoid being affected by others' negative energy.

Jewelry providing energy protection can also protect the chakras from negative energy coming from outside sources. Energy protection jewelry is often recommended by yoga practitioners and religious teachers as part of their teachings, as it aids the mind and spirit in focusing on the right values and beliefs for success and health.

5. Jewelry for Religious Protection

A person may wear protection jewelry to ward off certain negative influences he or she may encounter in everyday life, such as those resulting from religion and gratitude. A religious talisman is thought to be a means of bringing the spirit world's attention and care to the wearer as well as spurring them on to stay true to their religious beliefs.  


Protection jewelry is traditionally worn for this reason, and these items are often given as gifts or as a way to honor important milestones in a person's life, such as coming of age ceremonies. 

6. The Grounding Jewelry

In essence, grounding is about reconnection to the earth's healing properties and energy. There are jewelry items that can be purchased that are designed to help the wearer connect to the Earth more deeply than walking barefoot or meditating in nature. Keeping your feet on the ground and spending time in nature are both major components of the grounding practice.

Jewelry items made of semiprecious gems or naturally occurring materials are typically worn on bracelets to help the wearer feel connected with the earth.  In addition to their aesthetic qualities, these jewelry items also aid in mindfulness.

7. Crystal Jewelry for Spiritual Enlightenment

It has long been said that crystals can be used to attain spiritual enlightenment, to create safety and security in your home, and to help with energy tasks. Crystals come in many different varieties, and each has its characteristics. 

In addition to repelling negative energy, crystal jewelry can bring about healing or improve one's mental health.  Wearing crystal jewelry adds the benefit of its being beautiful, often delicate, and feeling light and airy.

8. The Dreamcatcher Talisman

Dreamcatchers are not only beautiful decorative items but are also thought to be protective talismans. It’s bThe object's purpose is to keep bad dreams and nightmares from affecting a person while they sleep, thus allowing them to have only good dreams and vibes. It is said that wearing a dreamcatcher’s protective jewelry invokes the protective powers of the symbol.


Why Should You Wear a Protection Moon Jewelry?

Protective jewelry can be worn for many different reasons depending on the individual. You can wear a talisman inspired by your faith or practice to help you overcome stress and difficulties in life.

If you appreciate beautiful and unique jewelry but are more casual about it, protection jewelry might be suitable for you. For you to appreciate the beauty of these jewelry items, you do not necessarily have to believe in the practices surrounding them. 

A very important factor when deciding whether to wear protection jewelry or not is the feeling of strength, empowerment, and protection it gives you. 

If you are unsure of the methods and practices behind a protection jewelry item, there is no harm in trusting in its protective qualities. Besides protecting oneself, wearing jewelry connects us to our past in a meaningful way. 

Nowadays, spirituality, practice, and belief have largely disappeared from the modern world.  The human race has purchased, given, and received talismans that made them feel loved, safe, and strong for centuries. 

There is no difference between protection jewelry made today and jewelry made centuries ago when culture and society were more deeply interconnected to such beliefs.  Protection jewelry can be a great accessory in an increasingly stressful world to help you center yourself and find peace.

Final Thoughts

As far back as the beginning of time, protection jewelry has always been a part of society. The earliest civilizations created some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces, including the Incas, the Aztecs, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Mayans, and the Mesopotamians. 


However, there is more to wearing protection jewelry than just superficial reasons. People in ancient societies also wore jewelry for spiritual reasons. As humans, cultures, and civilizations had a firm belief in the movement of planets, stars, moon, and sun.

If you want to heal spiritually and want to protect yourselves from the harms of Blood Moon and all other evils, consider buying the Protection Moon Necklace Jewelry from the Tech Life Online Store.

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