What is the best window cleaner robot?


Groups of lovely children dressed in various costumes for the occasion, carrying

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But Halloween is not always full of scary elements. The most watched on this

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Intelligent cleaning routes, Clean your high-rise windows in a safe and easier

way; Offers you a new way of window cleaning; Third general glass cleaning

robot window cleaner with stylish design and good performance; The 10 best

smart devices of IFA 2021.

Glass cleaning robot covers maximumly 99% of the glass surface; Back to

where it start when finished the work; Special designed Mico Fabric Cloth with

no hurt to glass surface; Available to frame and frameless.

Multi-direction anti-falling sensors,with strong safety rope equipped; The built-in

UPS battery help robot suck on windows for 20minutes and send alarms if

power supply is cut suddenly; Multi-condition Application: use

glass cleaning robot to clean internal/external windows of high-rise

buildings/stores bathroom windows, or other flat surface like marble walls,

ceramic walls.

Glass Cleaning Robot

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